This Week, Over Morning Coffee…

This Week, Over Morning Coffee…


Here’s how I’ve been spending my time on the Internet: 

A good visual guide to achieving work-life balance.  This might be something to consider printing out and putting on the fridge for future reference.

There’s nothing sweeter than dads and babies.  This project makes me happy that Duncan and I are sharing parental leave.

‘Can’t wait to see this movie– a comedy starring a Beastie Boy (as a stay-at-home dad), Ben Stiller and Adam Driver.

The next royal baby’s name, as chosen by corgis.

They like us! They really like us!  The BBC has plenty of nice things to say about Canada.

I love the idea of a ‘capsule wardrobe‘.  I want one immediately!

Time to swap this coffee for a refreshing cocktail. Grapefruit and gin?  Yes, please.

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