Cocktail Dress Shopping

Cocktail Dress Shopping

Duncan and I bought tickets to a charity gala this month and it was a great excuse to get all dolled up and go out on a date.  I also used the event as an excuse to treat myself to a new dress.    It was probably only about six months ago when I swore up and down that I would never wear a crop top again in my life now that I have a kid– but the truth is, I am loving the two-piece sets that are so popular right now.  They’re not as hard to wear as you might think… and yet it is just as difficult as you might expect if you want to eat a decent sized meal while wearing a crop top + high waist skirt combo…

Here is the one grainy photo I managed to take before the party, if you would like to see:  Read more

Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills


This month, I coincidentally signed up for a few activities to help me learn some new skills.  (I say coincidentally because I had no intention of learning new skills as some kind of new year’s resolution… this stuff just popped up and I thought, ‘hey why not?’.)  For Christmas I gave my mom a cooking class.  Then an email went around at work asking if anyone was interested in joining the company’s ‘photography club’ (totally extracurricular) and then last week my good friend invited me to a floral design class.  All fun! All areas where I have a very general sense of what’s yummy/makes a good photo/looks nice in a vase- but no expert has ever really informed me.

Here are a few things I have learned so far: Read more

Writing Letters to Your Kids

Writing Letters to Your Kids

Baby book from Mushybooks

Back when I was pregnant my colleague gave me a great idea for remembering Donovan’s different life stages.  She told me she writes to her daughter every year for her birthday and plans to give her 18 letters when she turns 18 years old.  The letters describe her daughter’s personality, funny things she has said over the past year, what she likes and what she doesn’t like at that age.  It’s a sweet snapshot of a little life in progress.  I love this plan.

I have been almost obsessive about taking photos and keeping records of Donovan’s babyhood.  If the house were burning down (and I knew my family was safe), I’d grab his baby book on my way out the door.  I suppose it’s really more for me right now than it is for him.  I fill in the pages and read and re-read what I have written every few weeks.  I don’t want to forget a thing.  Though I know I will.  There is a page at the back of the book for a letter to Donovan.  I thought about it for months and figured I would type it out and then copy it into the book, but one night I just put pen to paper and let it all come out- what he’s like at this age, how I can see his personality developing and what I hope for him.  It’s all very mushy but it felt perfect.  I don’t know if Donovan will even really care much about these things when he’s older.  Perhaps his spouse will be interested.  However, it brings me joy to write to him and it helps me put a little perspective on parenting.  I drafted a little letter to him just before Christmas and I hope to write to him for his birthdays, just as my colleague suggested.  But I also suspect, I’ll write him letters whenever the mood strikes- just because.

This book would make a great keepsake (not to mention a lovely baby shower gift).

baby letters

And if you’re in the mood for some more inspiration, these are sweet words written by a few masters of the craft  for their own children.

What do you think of this idea? Do you write to your kids?  What kind of things do you tell them?

A Non-Traditional Christmas

A Non-Traditional Christmas



This holiday season seemed to race past without slowing down enough for us to really enjoy the time of year.  Yet, we somehow managed to make our lists, check them twice and get it all done.  It was a strange Christmas in every way- double digit temperatures on Christmas eve, no baking…no Christmas tree!  This year, we decided not to get a tree because we are trying to pack up our house to move and adding stuff to the house just didn’t make sense.  I did decorate the mantle and hang up some stockings for Christmas morning, but it wasn’t the same.

I’ve decided I’m going ALL OUT for the holidays next year.  I’m already dreaming of the decorations, the parties and the steady stream of baked goods and eggnog that will be flowing through our new home starting mid-November (wherever that home may be!).  I’m also starting to think about what traditions I would like to start for us as a family.

Here’s a sweet holiday ritual I recently heard about.   Read more

Choosing a Baby Name

Choosing a Baby Name

D & D at the cottage last month

Where do you even start when it comes to picking a baby name?  I recently came across this article  about a Canadian Olympian who is letting the Twitterverse help narrow down her search.   It’s not such a bad idea and they came up with a few pretty cute names (I vote Everett; it’s the same name as the cutie-pie son of a dear friend of mine).

We also had some parameters to work with when it came to naming Donovan.   Read more

This Week, Over Morning Coffee…

This Week, Over Morning Coffee…


I think we can really call this post, “The past two weeks, these are the things I was reading on my phone during my trip to work on the streetcar when I burnt my mouth and spilled my coffee all over myself…”  This is my third week back at work and I can’t really complain; it’s been more enjoyable than I anticipated.  It helps that Donovan is happy as a clam here with his dad (though slightly less happy over the past couple days due to three new teeth popping through).

Here are some interesting Internet reads I have stumbled upon lately.  Enjoy!

Some tips on making the most of your time

These interesting reflections from women on what they wish they’d been told at graduation

This beautiful new work space for the Food52 website makes me wonder if employees could ever have a bad day working there

I think this is a perfect basic white blazer to help keep the chill out in air conditioned offices

This motivating essay on finding purpose in life’s mundane tasks and obligations

Today is world chocolate day!  Though every day, in my world, is chocolate day.

And finally, I will admit that leaving Donovan that first day when I went to work hurt my heart …and apparently, there might be a scientifically proven way to treat heartache. 

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